Why use Flutter if you plan to make a cross-platform mobile app?

  • A framework provides developers with all native widgets of Android and iOS interfaces like Material Design and Cupertino accordingly. It can change the behavior of separate elements to make a habitual user experience for users

  • Also, as a robust framework, Flutter makes it possible to implement discrete files compilation in the development mode. JiT compilation speeds up the development and software debugging. Moreover, a framework supports a lot of plugins like Firebase, SQLite, etc. Pub.dev service will help you find the required plugin. Besides that, Flutter is compatible with elements of standard programming languages for a specific platform.

  • One more reason to use Flutter tool is that developers actively work on Flutter for web and desktop use as well.

  • By the way, Google is creating a new operating system called Fuchsia. Its UI is built using Flutter mobile app development framework. You can get acquainted with Fuchsia OS more deeply on the official website.