Why flutter forum is not so interactive?

In this flutter forum, When posting the question, It takes more than a day to get the answer to the question.

How can we resolve this latency?.

Any suggestions to improve our forum community?

The community is still growing. It all starts one day. Slowly things will gain pace.

What I have noticed is as a forum we have been able to resolve 80% of questions within on average 2 days of time.

Also, everyone in the forum have to come together and participate. There are currently 600+ members here.


Let’s bring it up together


One of the reason is because the core language of Flutter is Dart, a little-known language dating back to 2011. Although it has been around for awhile, few developers are familiar with it today (less than 2%, according to the 2019 StackOverflow Survey). But the momentum is increasing…

Hope this helps.


Another little-known language first appeared in 2011 is Elixir, created by the brave Jose Valim in Brasil. It’s Discord forum is the central and main place to seek for help, discuss language feature, suggest improvements, present libraries, and more general discussions. It has grown big and healthy in the last 3 years at a steady pace and today is one of the most active, friendly and fast-responding forum I’ve encountered yet.

Sure the users’ passion and engagement helps a lot, but I can also see the fact that it is about the Elixir language, with an increasing number of question about frameworks like Phoenix (The web framework) and Nerves (IoT framework).
Elixir is built on the Erlang’s giant shoulder, another reason for its success, and the active presence of Elixir and Erlang creators in person is another sure reason for it. It is thrilling when you ask a dumb question and the very same person who designed and created the language or its ‘father’ and the VM themselves give you a precise and warm answer.

But most of all I see a very kind attitude from everyone. The will to let newcomers feel at home and welcome. It is very rare a question rest unanswered for more than few hours. And in most of the cases it receives multiples and rich responses, which give great value to the whole forum as a source of informations and help.

So, my conclusion is that the main actor for the success of a forum is users’ engagement and attitude, and the feeling of having a place you feel like a home with many friends, where you enjoy spending time to learn, contribute and have fun.


Sorry, my bad, it is a Discourse based forum, just like this one.

I totally agree partrick it’s the uses of the forum who make it great.

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I’d like to add that also the technology subject of the forum has its own part in it. I.e. people fall in love with Elixir and we all know that love is a great motivation for engagement. This to say that I’m falling in love with Flutter (and Dart) the more I use it, so I’m positive that this forum too will see an exciting growth! It is a pleasure to be part of it! :slight_smile:


I agree with you @patrick_dm . We started this Forum for the love of Flutter and today we see great responses from users helping each other out. This curiosity and eagerness from fellow community members plays a major role in making this forum a Go-To place for newcomers and experts alike.


Absolutely agree with @patrick_dm and @sakina, since I join the forum I’ve add it to my home screen and my desktop in the computer. Love the community and the experience so far.

I have no doubt that it will grow a lot, even more with Flutter coming to web/desktop and IOT. For sure it is going to become a big player and this forum will be in center of it.

Also absolutely in love with Flutter to, my wife is getting jealous hahahahha


Hahahah! Yeah it’s addictive :stuck_out_tongue: Now AWS is also taking flutter seriously, it’s going to the next level!