Which NO-SQL local and stable Database is available for flutter?

I’m struggling to get a right no-sql database for my project were I could store Json Objects and query them, Firstly I experimented with Hive but found that I could not query complex ones, then i went for sembast i faced storage size issues, then i went with moor I’m currently working with moor database but facing issues for querying arrays of objects inside an object of Json data, I’m not really getting a perfect solution, which database to use for storing json object while I can have no issues with storage and I can query them as well.

My Json Data example

  total: 3,
  batch_id: "123",
  Data: [  {id:"A1", item_name:"Gold"},
           {id:"A2", item_name:"Silver"} ,  
           {id:"A3", item_name:"Diamond" }