Which database is best for flutter?

Which database I should use with flutter i am new and right now i am in a process for developing a blog app where anyone can come join and share there views. Hence I need a centralize database.

I am a web developer working with PHP and MySQL for long time, so naturally I like and prefer to use MySQL database. However, I want an expert opinion as to which one i should use
a. MySQL
b. SQLite
c. Firebase

As I went through various study material it seems that Firebase is best for making dynamic realtime app later in my development process…

As i have already mentioned I prefer MySQL , please guide me as to which one is best with flutter specially in terms of speed i.e, data fetching.


Hello @Arjun_Yadav,
I would build my own backend, db and api using the technology I’m more confortable with. Indeed it has the cost of more code to write, but also provides all the flexibility of building your own services the way you prefer, and the advantages of a robust relational database server for future features to build upon. But I’m a biased backend dev, with too little experience in NoSql database and relying on 3rd parties backend solutions.