What are the best backend options for building a flutter app?

  1. I’m about to start working on an Attendance management and Library management app(both in the same app). I’m new to backend and never done anything in that part. I’ve got a few suggestions for Node.js and mongodb, firebase but I’ve a faint knowledge of either. I know some basic MySQL.

I would like all the experienced community members to suggest something which would be helpful in speeding up the build and efficiently build the app.

Refer Google Fire base,Easy for back-end management.
link :https://firebase.google.com/

Okay I’ll surely look into that.

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Honestly, I think any backend framework which can release APIs will work best.

Depends what you are most comfortable with and what is your use case in the backend development.


Any opinions over Dart Framework Aqueduct?

Here’s a nice explanation for that. Go through it