Web app ui is working strange in specific mobile browser

I had used “flutter build web --web-renderer canvaskit --release” for creating build

@Vivek Please share some more details like

  1. Which browser is the code breaking.
  2. Screenshot of expected output
  3. Any errors that you might have in the logs
  4. The format of images - SVG,PNG?

@sakina thanks fr prompt reply.

  1. mobile browser is chrome, but its specific to some devices only like: Mi Note 6 pro, Samsung galaxy j8 android 9

  2. expected output:

  3. checked, I havent got any errors

  4. image that re used are SVG

images are getting rendered properly, but text is not.

This actually does look weird. Whats’ the font used? Can you try removing the font family and check?

am using futura_light font, okie will check once with different font.

tried changing font but didn’t work, finally was able to solve the issue by using "flutter build web --release --web-renderer html"

but now facing different issue of underline in text widget.
Screenshot 2021-08-11 at 4.34.30 PM
have added “decoration: TextDecoration.none” still facing this issue.