Voice/Video Calling

How to integrate P2P voice/video calling in my flutter application?

I started with finding a plugin on pub.dev to find any existing plugins for this matter. I stumbled upon cloudwebrtc. To integrate it, I read about ICE, STUN and TURN servers. I ran there example but it didn’t seem to work. (It was streaming video/voice from one end and not vice versa). Then I stumbled upon opentok plugin and after reading about it on its GitHub repository, I found out that it was only for iOS for now and the developer didn’t release it for android although he has mentioned that it is for android also on pub.dev. After that, I stumbled upon flutter_twilio package and currently struggling to configure it because I have to set up a TwiML application for call forwarding using NodeJS on the server.

It will be appreciated if someone would guide me to integrate voice/video call in my application as I’m struggling to integrate it for quite a while.


In regards to integrating P2P voice/video calling in flutter application, follow the below mentioned steps:
Create a free developer account.
Create a VoxEngine scenario and rules. Follow the VoxEngine setup in the peer-to-peer video chat tutorial to setup your serverless using the VoxEngine code.
Add Flutter SDK to your app.
Build the user authentication logic with the SDK.
Use the SDK to manage calls