"Utter Bull" - party game concept going open source, for anyone interested

Hi Flutter dev community,

A while ago I built the first - and currently the only published version - of a party game concept called Utter Bull. Here is the current Google Play store description:

Submit cheeky truths about yourself and make up outrageous lies about your friends in Utter Bull, a revealing new party game!

Can you convince your mates that the lie you read five seconds ago is a dark secret you've been harbouring your entire life? Or will they expose your claims as utter bull?

The idea is basically that you and your friends would read out statements, and you’d individually vote on whether or not each other’s statements were true or false. During each player’s turn, they read out their statement as if they were trying to convince the group it were true. You get points for misleading the group i.e. if your statement is true, you are rewarded for appearing unconvincing/outrageous, as a ploy to get people to vote false. If your statement is false, you are rewarded for convincing people it’s true. The interesting part is that you write your own truths, but lies are written by other members of the group and revealed seconds before you start your turn.

Points are also rewarded on voting correctly. There are also some edge cases which are handled appropriately, such as the case where you write a false statement about somebody that actually happens to be true.

I really believe in the concept of the game and after building a prototype in Android Studio, I then built and published a more successful version in Unity (link to the Google Play store here), before settling on Flutter to build what I would like to be the ultimate version with all the bells and whistles.

The Flutter version - project titled “Flutter Bull” - is actually mostly complete! I just got sidetracked with other things and will not have time to see it through. But I’d love for this to be finished because I’ve played this with many friends and it’s seriously fun and hilarious.

Everything other than the core principles of the gameplay is up for scrutiny, especially the convoluted architecture I’ve used. It would be good to download it and play it yourself to get a feel for the game (note: it’s only playable via online multiplayer), and to discuss with me any questions/concerns/clarifications you may have. Even the art style and name are not set in stone! I ask simply that the core game design is respected.

If you wish to take this concept and start from scratch, that’s cool. Just let me know, and if you publish the result, do so on iOS and Android and make it free to download with no ads. If nobody wants to publish it, I’ll consider publishing it if the app is of good quality, and I will certainly credit you if you wish.

Find my GitHub page here, with the 3 pinned repos representing the Flutter version, the Unity version, and the original native Android version, respectively

Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from you.