Unite by Inc•lusive

Hello flutter afficionados

We are the soon-to-be startup Inc•lusive currently creating the Unite product and want to find the best people to help us make the best LGBT+ event & get-in-touch application ever !

Of course, we use Flutter with a lot of awesome pluggins such as async_redux hence im here to offer you to join us.

You can talk to me directly if you are interested to learn more about it and discover our growing MVP.
=> my discord : Temperance#2563
=> our email : inclusive.corporation@gmail.com

If not though, you can still follow us :heart:
on Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/unite_by_inclusive


@Alexandre_Du_lorier Hey! This is an awesome initiaitive! More power to you.

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@Alexandre_Du_lorier Good luck with your initiative.

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