Unable to display html file from local storage in webview

I have a Flutter project in which I am:

  • Downloading the zip file (full of html files)
  • Extracting the html files to a new directory (ebooks/02)
  • Saving the local file urls in a List
  • Displaying the urls in Webview & iterate through List for back & forth.

After posting in stackoverflow, https://stackoverflow.com/q/67895785/14892417, followed the suggestion given in the answer → https://stackoverflow.com/a/67898687/14892417 (in response to my question) all I get is blank screen.

Since the same file is opening properly in web browser, can somebody help me ?

Finally after trying all possible plugins realized that Flutter webview as of now cannot display local html files that are heavy on css & javascript side.

The same webview can only display external urls or basic html files(minus css & js).

I switched over to native android for this.