Unable to create dynamic link's parameters

Hello, I am trying in vain to generate the parameter in dynamic links, but it still generates me without the parameter or I need the parameter to redirect the user. this is how I create the dynamic links:

Future createDynamicLinkg(int id) async {

final DynamicLinkParameters parameters = DynamicLinkParameters(
  uriPrefix: 'https://trockamern.page.link',
  link: Uri.parse('https://trockamern.page.link.com/?id=$id'),
  androidParameters: AndroidParameters(
    packageName: 'io.flutter.plugins.firebasedynamiclinksexample',
    minimumVersion: 0,
  dynamicLinkParametersOptions: DynamicLinkParametersOptions(
    shortDynamicLinkPathLength: ShortDynamicLinkPathLength.short,
  iosParameters: IosParameters(
    bundleId: 'com.echange.trockamer',
    minimumVersion: '0',

Uri url;

  final ShortDynamicLink shortLink = await parameters.buildShortLink();
  url = shortLink.shortUrl;

return url.toString();