The installation to my real device through adb stucks at installing


I have a huge problem. My installation to my real device through adb stucks at installing. I dont no why. On a other phone it works perfectly.

This is the only output, I dont get any error or anything.

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By any chance do you already have the app on your real device? Like maybe you installed the apk some time through another resource.

If so, then remove all instances of the app from device and try again.

If that doesn’t work, then try running flutter clean.

If that also doesn’t help then try upgrading your gradle to the latest version.

I tried once to install my app through my external storage, but I deleted it completely.

Flutter clean didn´t helped and maked no change.

How do I upgrade the gradle? I didn´t find any tutorial on it.

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I installed a new driver for my phone. Now everything works finde again!


That’s great! Thanks for informing, I am sure it will help someone else facing the same issue as well. :slight_smile:


I see your issue is fixed. But, regarding Gradle upgrade, you have two ways to do it -

  1. When you open the Android project or Flutter Project in Android studio, generally within some seconds, IDE prompts at the bottom right corner asking to update Gradle. You can update it from there. See below the screenshots -

  1. In case, you don’t see the prompt. Go to the project’s Gradle file and update classpath for Gradle to 3.5.1 which is the latest as of today.
    dependencies {
         classpath ‘’

    And also change distribution URL in file with distributionUrl=

I hope this helps any time you come across Gradle updates.