Text is not visible at all first load, but only for some people

  1. Summary of my problem
  • For some people (I cannot repro) on the initial load of my app (android & ios) none of the text in my app is visible.
  • If they reload the app the text is visible
  • Happens to a minority of cases even with the above repro, so I’m thinking some asset loading timing thing.
  • This is with custom fonts, but I do have a default font of the default flutter material font.
  • I do not believe that this is text which is poor visibility, I believe this is text that is flat out not getting rendered even if the widget is getting rendered. I saw a screenshot and did not see any evidence of the text, just the area it would fill if it were visible.
  1. What have I tried so far -
    • Migrated from set styles stored in properties to putting the styles in a getter factory with the hope that when the fonts loaded in, any new reference to style would use a fresh font reference. No change in the bug behavior happened I believe.
      Unfortunately with the poor repro and not finding any references to this happening to anyone else, I’m out of ideas.

Since I do not have a repro, I don’t know what the minimum code to repro it is.
return TextStyle(fontFamily: ‘Pirate’, fontSize: 16);

I know there probably won’t be a definitive answer but maybe some areas to look into as I’m really out of ideas.

Thank you.