SwipeView & 10k data set

  1. Summary of my problem
    I have 10k data set. Each data set to be displayed in one page & display pages with swipeview. I would like to create only 3 pages(left, center, right) filled with data. Rest of the data should be filled as I swipe left or right.

I would like to show the 10000 data set using the swipe view(horizontal swipe). Each data set to be displayed in one page. I used PageView to display the each data set.

  children: [

Issue of my solution is not scalable as it forces me to create 10000 pages filled with data. This will take lot of memory & may not work properly.

How can I achieve by just creating only 3 page widget in swipe view & keep adding the data to pages as we swipe left or right.

I am a beginner to this flutter programming. Looking for inputs/suggestions. If any sample program will help.

This means that if I’m looking for the 8000th dataset I have to swipe 7999 times to the right… It looks quite an unusable interface to me.

@patrick_dm Thanks to your reply. We have search/jump button to directly jump to different pages.
I’m looking for solution on how to achieve my requirement in responsive UI & memory efficient manner.