Suggestions on Flutter learning path

Hello everyone.

I’m a senior FileMaker developer who knows nothing but FileMaker. :slight_smile:

Recently I decided to learn Flutter and took one of those Udemy courses, only to realize that it’s like those Russian matrushkas. You open one and there is another one inside, and so on and on to eternity.

I tried to understand the Scaffold object and it comes with a gazillion methods that relate to another gazillion methods, so the more I dive into Flutter, the more and more new things I need to learn.

If feels like learning the alphabet starting by Z. What I’d like you to tell me is where is A, so to speak.

I don’t have experience on “formal” programming languages like Java or C++, however, I understand all basic concepts and have deep knowledge on graphic design, user experience, color management and everything related to the graphic arts industry. I’m not starting from zero. I just don’t know where to start from.

I’ve just took the Flutter tutorial that comes in and could do everything but understood nothing. Something tells me that I need first to learn Dart and then go to Flutter but I’m not sure.

Excuse me for the long story. What you guys think is the starting point?

Best regards


Hello and welcome.
I agree with your inner voice; spend a couple of weeks on Dart alone, with easy problems
(like here: to grasp the core of the language and learn your way into object oriented programming. With a good understanding of this base, moving to Flutter development will be a simpler task of gradually learning how to use the different widget classes to build user interfaces and write your own classes for the application business logic.
Enjoy your learning!

Hi Patrick

Thank you very much for the suggestion on the site. I’ll combine it with the Dart documentation and I feel that Chinese will become German. Still difficult but at least in roman characters :slight_smile: