Stop iOS bouncing on scrolling? flutter_webview_plugin?

I have a webpage displayed with flutter_webview_plugin which is the size of the devices screen. So I have no need for scrolling. And on Android it works good. But on iOS when I drag my finger vertically it will bounce on top and bottom, showing white space.

Can I stop vertical scrolling completely? Or is it possible to disable the bounce?

This is the iOS default behaviour for scroll animation.

Try adding this

physics: new ClampingScrollPhysics(),

How do I add this to the flutter_webview_plugin?
After a little googling it seems to be for scrollview?

           return WebviewScaffold(
                url: urlToLoad,
                withJavascript: true,
                useWideViewPort: false,
                withZoom: false,
                scrollBar: false
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unfortunately, You should fix like this.

however, it is bad answer.
this question is about inside of plug-in’s webview.
not Flutter’s Widget.

That’s right, my bad. Hope your PR helps someone. Thanks :slight_smile:

For webview plugin, please check below PR :