Starting Debuggin On Chrome Takes Forever To Start

Hi all,

As we know speed in development is very important. The issue I have with flutter is that it takes forever to run / start up for debugging on an emulator or chrome. I am using visual studio code with the latest up to date versions of everything. I had tried running my flutter app on an emulator but as I mentioned it was just too slow. In order to speed things up I now run it on chrome but it still takes quiet a while to start up and at times perform a hot reload.

How do I make the debugging process start up faster on an emulator or preferably google chrome?

Hey akashh,

Some tips from my side:

  • Use a mobile phone and pair it with scrcpy to use as a simulator on your pc. It’s super lightweight and easy to install and use.
  • If you are using Android Studio, then definitely switch to VSCode right away.
  • If you are already using VSCOde then use atom editor instead of VSCode, this comes with its drawback of missing out on suggestions and formatting options which come with the Flutter/Dart Plugin on VSCode.
  • If none of the above work then Unfortunately speed also has a lot to do with the type of hardware you are using, you might have to add more RAM to your system or get an SSD.
  • Google Chrome takes up a lot of RAM too and Flutter Web Debugging is not helpful with Chrome in my experience because you can’t modify do any trial error by modifying CSS or even see error logs in the console.

Hope you can solve this using a software solution, do share what helped you.

Hi Sakina,

Agreed debugging on chrome isn’t very helpful, emulator is better but from what I’ve seen attaching your mobile and using it to debug is slow but the fastest. I have tried everything you suggested and the tooling needs to catch up somewhat in my opinion. So I updated everything and it is a little faster although not all that much, at the end of it all it does seem like I need to upgrade my laptop but that would be quiet expensive. Thanks for your suggestions.

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Hi @akashh did you try scrcpy? It’s been really helpful for me.