Sqlite DB works in Flutter Android App but not in iOS

I built a simple Flutter App for Android and iOS. This app only searches for a medical term in an SQLite DB and shows the description matching for that term.

I managed to run the app on both, Android and iOS devices but with a slight difference:

In Android, the app works well, but in iOS, although I managed to run it on my iPhone device, it works only partially. When I search in some categories, it shows me the results, but in some other categories, it doesn’t. Seems like it’s maybe using the old SQLite DB? (since I updated it recently to add more terms).

Do any of you have an idea of why is this happening or have had similar problems in the past? Should I do something on iOS if I change DB content? I’m really stuck in here.

Thank you so much in advance, if you need more detail or some screenshots, just let me know.