Some open source app for learning server API side

Hello for everyone!!!

Actually, I have one question only.
Please advice some open source application for learning flutter like a server side application, which can work with API.

I never wrote the code. But I need.
Application for selling apple products by bitcoins. Where, full app content must staying at server.

I would be very appreciative and thanks a lot.

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@mailinneberg thanks for asking a great question.

If you want to get started with learning to program in flutter and need a sample backend I would suggest you look at this open source e-commerce project in flutter.

The backend project for this project can be found here. This is a ruby on rails backend for e-commerce using spree-commerce framework. I feel this will be a good start for you.

You can get started with using the backend and then setup the flutter app. If you face any issues you can ask me here. I’ll be able to help you guide you through.