Scan code bare or qr and search it in database mysql

i have create app scan bare and qr and i would to search this code in database mysql /php and show the result
please help me to make it


Hey @kingstdz Which part do you need help with exactly?

The general way would be to create a db with a table for QR code and it’s associated value. And then a get API which would search for the code in the DB.

You can use the http package on flutter side to integrate the API. And as for the SQL side of it, search for some tutorials. If this is all you need then it will relatively easy to implement.

Thanks @sakina for your reply
I have made app scan barre from
I am working in searching code from mysql php json http.get
I need after steps how to make all in one
Scan code
Search or fetch code in database
Show scree information of code

If u have any suggestion i ll apreciate