Retrieve Data from Firestore and display to Flutter

  1. Summary of my problem
    In this Page is an Admin Page where it will get all the data that has been input by all the users.
    Goal is to display all of the Data from a Specific Collection in firebase.

    Above is my Firestore.
    This is the Specific Collection i want to retrieve the “UserData”

Below is the code is used so far. It’s not showing any error but it’s also not displaying anything

return Container(
      child: StreamBuilder(
          stream: FirebaseFirestore.instance.collection('UserData').snapshots(),
          builder: (context, AsyncSnapshot<QuerySnapshot> snapshot) {
            return ListView.builder(
                itemBuilder: (context, index){
                  DocumentSnapshot book =!.docs[index];
                  return ListTile(
                    leading: book['title'],
                    title: Text(book['Date']),
                    subtitle: Text(book['Time']),


Can you start by log the snapshot data, and share the result?
Next, I think book is not a DocumentSnapshot but a Map<String, dynamic>