Remove url bar from chromeSafariBrowser in flutter_inappwebview

  1. How to remove the URL bar in chrome Safari WebView in flutter.
  • i wanted to load the web-URL using chrome Safari browser in flutter without showing the URL loader in top for both android and ios.
  • Wanted to load only in chrome safari browser because of platform issue, specifically for ios.
  • we need to load web view in chrome safari only.
  1. we are able to load given url in chrome browser but need to hide the Url loader on top.

                        url: Uri.parse(base_url),
                        options: ChromeSafariBrowserClassOptions(

                            android: AndroidChromeCustomTabsOptions(
                                enableUrlBarHiding: true,
                                addDefaultShareMenuItem: false
                            ios: IOSSafariOptions(barCollapsingEnabled: true)));


Try using this package: webview_flutter | Flutter Package

Hello @sakina, Thanks for your reply we have tried with the WebView package but we could not load the Gpay button linked with stripe payments in WebView, The button is only showing in chrome Safari browser which we have done with [flutter_inappwebview] package chrome browser but we need to hide the URL Bar

as shown in the attachment below.