"realtime" ratingbar indicator

Hey, I’m new to Flutter and programming in general, so maybe my question is stupid, but I need some help. On my app I have a screen with 4 ratingbars. (I use the ratingbar package from pub.dev)
When you set a rating on these ratingbars the value of the rating is saved into a variable. Now I have a ratingbar indicator on the same screen and i want that this indicator shows the average rating of the 4 ratingbars above. I tried that the indicator shows the 4 variables divided by 4 but in that case the indicator doesn’t update if i change the rating on one of the 4 ratingbars… so i want the indicator to listen in “realtime” if the variables change and then show a different rating… how is that possible?
I hope someone understand my problem and is able to help :slight_smile:
Greetings, Yoqora

First of all, no question are stupid :slight_smile: We are all here to learn and get better everyday.

Now coming to your query, It would be great if you could share attach a code snippet with your query. From what I have understood, you should use a Stateful class and and have a variable for eg: double avg.
Whenever any of the values change, use

setState(() {avg = values/4});

And then the rating bar indicator should be using this avg value for setting it’s own rating.
Whenever the state of the variable avg changes, the UI will be re-rendered and you will see the results in "real time’.

Feel free to ask here if you have any doubts and do mention here if it worked!


Thank you very much!
It worked just the way you said, I just had to use setState(), didn’t know about that function yet :slight_smile:

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