Re-Develop ionic/native apps in flutter

how much time would it take to re-build those apps
and would it be really more performance optimized

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@Smart_Developer from our experience we feel developing in flutter is faster than ionic or any other hybrid frameworks. I might be biased here. :wink:

Let’s try to look at some numbers, we have developed a fully functional open-source e-commerce app in flutter with just 120-130 man-hours of efforts. Please note the developers on the project have really good experience with flutter.

Having said that learning curve with flutter is not that steep. The framework feels natural for programmers and if you already worked with any mobile application framework like ionic then the transition should be smoother in my opinion.

I think comparing ionic apps and flutter should be pretty simple.

Ionic is a hybrid app development framework.
Flutter is a native app development framework.

You will certainly see clear differences in performance in apps developed with these frameworks.

Let me know if there is anything else I can help with?

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