Populate data for a ListViewBuilder from Local Database

I am a native Android developer considering migrating to Flutter, I have done all the research for the core library alternatives in Flutter. One thing I am particular about is that when When working with a list of large data. In Android, we can persist this data in an SQLite local DB using the ROOM library. What’s even better is that with the RemoteMediator class available in Paging 3 Android library, we can create an infinite scrolling recycler while querying data from the local DB while the network call queries new data and stores it in the DB. So the recycler queries data from the database not from a network call. So this data can be access without internet access.

I know that the sqflite package is Flutter’s alternative to ROOM in Android but can we use this database to query a paged list of items to display in the ListViewBuilder and the user scrolls?