Optimizing Flutter development on a 4gb ram laptop

Hello, I have a Lenovo V130-15IGM laptop with a 4gb ram and Intel celeron
1.1 ghz processor which I wanted to use for Flutter development. I’ve setup my environment with VSCODE and also a Physical mobile phone. But whenever I run my Flutter code it do freezes my laptop that sometimes I will just have to force shutdown my Laptop.

Please how do I solve this problem, because I’m about to give up on Mobile development.

PS. I use Manjaro KDE Linux OS

My previous laptop configs are 2gb ram, intel celeron dual core processor and HDD. It takes 60 to 90 minutes for first run, because of limited resources computer freezes here are some general tips which may help :slight_smile:

  1. replace your harddisk with solid state drive,
  2. turn off startup apps (like onedrive, stream, etc) in windows
  3. increase sleep time (if sleep time is less then your pc will go in sleep mode while executing the program)
  4. before execution close all remaning windows except the IDE (vs code, android studio)
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@Raghav I do close all other windows whenever I want to open VSCODE for Flutter, I don’t have any start up apps and I’m also using Linux to my development