Newly created YouTube channel about Flutter Design

Link to channel | All About Flutter :point_down:

Hi all, i already uploaded 5 videos in a week ! The idea is to continue like this, uploading videos every 1 or 2 days ! Also working to upload in a future courses about everything in Flutter for you to learn :grin:

I lost my job because of the covid and Iā€™m in quarantine mode, so iā€™m posting my work on youtube hoping something to happen :raised_hands:

I hope you like the designs, please support by subscribe/like on YouTube for more content !!! :pray:

Any feedback will be appreciated !!! :sunglasses:


Hello and welcome!
Thank you very much @gerfagerfa, I really appreciate your contribution, I subscribed to your channel and will be waiting fo more videos. For a back-end dev like me they are never enough, I have so much to learn about design to use Flutter at his full potential! Please stay safe wherever you are and keep on with the awesome work :smiley:
P.s. I also hope to read you here in the forum, Iā€™m sure we all could benefit from your experience.

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