Newbie query with flutter codes

I have downloaded couple of source code from different git sources. However, I could nt get it run straight forward. Is that normal for Flutter ? As am coming from Java/Maven background and still cant understand, really loosing my interest.

Can someone please help - (tried this , however something with carousel and dart libs causing trouble) (…/…/…/…/AppData/Roaming/Pub/Cache/hosted/ Error: The argument type ‘String’ can’t be assigned to the parameter type ‘DiagnosticsNode’)

Please help me.

Hi @remya01 don’t feel frustrated, it is normal to need some time to understand when you are new. Flutter is easy and you’ll be surfing through it in no time.

Let me try to understand your problem well with a couple of questions.

Have you tried to run a new flutter project? Did you succeed at it?

For what I can see you are downloading a person’s project. When downloading and running you may be encountering problems as your Flutter version may be greater than the one the projects was build in.

By the error you posted it looks like there was an update on the package and the Type is now wrongly specified.

My first recommendation is to create a blank project and try to build some simple apps. You have greate content on YouTube from resocoder and others that do full coding tutorials. With that you are going to have a better understanding of the platform and be ready in no time to tackle the problem you are facing with that test project form GitHub. :wink:

If you want recommendation of channels o things like that let me know.

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