Multi filter search

Hi All,

I am new to flutter and UI development.

Wanted to learn by creating a car buying App. I want to create a multi field search filter where the user selects for e.g.

Car Maker: Honda
Engine size: 1600 - 2000cc
Car model: Civic/Jazz/Accord

So if the user selects Honda as car maker the car model drop down should only show Honda cars and if he selects 1600cc the car model should only show Civic in its options. A bit like how these guys have done it ->

Is there an out of box widget that does this sort of thing ? Or should I build one myself using Provider?

I am pretty new to Flutter so any pointers would be very helpful.

Thanks in Advance :slight_smile:
It is best practice to send query to server and display filter result from server response,
if you are dealing with only front end then store data in database , and query data from database,

and the last option is using multiple filter data;

I get the backend bit but on front end I want to dyncamically change the contents of of my UI drop downs.

If user selects Honda then the Make drop down should only display Honda cars such as Civic/Accord etc. That is the functionality I am after.

How would you create the multiple filters in this case?