Local storage or Firebase or both

Hi all, I am new to flutter coming from a Filemaker background. I really enjoy this language. I have a database app that i created in filemaker…runs very well. I am switching to flutter because of licencing issues.and no android support as of yet…blah blah blah. I have a question, the app that i have created can have anywhere from 100 to 1000 users. As it is right now, the app imports a csv and populates the database…every 15 minutes the data is checked for updates. If yes, update, if not carry on. The app in flutter albeit in infancy stage is connecting to firestore and no problems. The end user will never have the ability to update the data, only people with the correct privileges. I am not sure if I should carry on using firestore in my app that is working or if I should somehow have flutter do the same thing by importing the data into a sqlite local storage. And perform the same idea, by looking for updates and downloading and performing updates. Currently the officials can login to a google spreadsheet and update the data. Firebase doesn’t offer any real front end software to manage it…or at least that I have come across. The officials are the only ones that can update the data, so something user friendly is a must.

Thanks again,