ListView under TextField and overflow content of the page


I’m creating a text field that will show the result of a search. The search result will appeare in a list view. This part is ok, it’s working well.

I want the list view to be on the same page than the rest of my app, but for now, I can’t show the result of the content over the rest of the app.

I want the list “Item X” to overflow the orange button (so the button will be hidden at the end, while the user didn’t select any item).

How can I achieve this ?

This is me tree :

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After digging, i’ve manage to do this


but as you can see, my list view doesn’t overlap my other widget, how do I do that?

Have you implemented Stack?

Stack is a Widget which takes a list fo Widgets and displays them on top of each other.

Also, you should keep the width of your list item to take full screen width using media query and keep the color of the container white.

Yes I’ve implemented a stack (this is what you can see on the screen).

Problem 1 : the “z-index” isn’t working as I expected
Problem 2 : the listview is losing the scroll (even if I add the physics property)