List View builder problem

Any one can help me!!! Here in my app i have displayed the steps from the data file and here it is showing scrolling option to read further steps and i don’t want to have scrolling option for that i need to display all steps at once without any scrolling option how can i do it???
what i want is total page of app must be scrollable which should show all the steps and ingredients at once without any scrolling option inside them below i have uploaded the screen shot of my app and my code link is(

and i have used Listview.builder().

Heyy @SyedImam Please add primary: false in your ListViewBuilder. This will keep the scroll control to the singlechildscrollview.

You can find some more info here:

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no @sakina mam it didn’t worked again steps are scrolling inside steps box

Please try adding this in your listview

physics: const NeverScrollableScrollPhysics()

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@sakina after adding that, now i am unable read the 5th and other steps

You will have to adjust the height of the container accordingly.