Is Flutter a good idea to develop an app for Fire OS?


Me and my team want to develop a cross-platform app to manage the stock of food and beverages in a sports center, and we choosed Flutter for this purpose. This app is for the internal use of the company, and is aimed to run in a tablet, as an option we have the Amazon Fire HD 10 because of its cheap price and for its quality-price relation.

I’m a beginner developing mobile apps, so I was wondering if Flutter can build apps for FireOS. I know that FireOS is based on Android, but I don’t know if it would be the same to run this app in a tablet with standard Android (for ex. Android 9) than in a tablet with Fire OS.

Thank you in advance for any help!

Extra note: The app would need to connect via bluetooth with a ticket printer.

Flutter currently supports Android and IOS (mobile). With “good idea”, if you meant “platform support”, then yes, it is, since FireOs is Android variant, else, you can read more here