I need help because i'm novice

I’m a novice here and in programming, I’m taking a logic course, and I already bought a flutter course because I really want to learn, now the question do I buy another flutter course or a dart course to learn about the language? not so much```

Hi Yumi, if you have already bought a Flutter course then I would suggest you implement the things that you have learned by solving a real life problem. It can be an existing app that you would like to make a Flutter version of. I would also suggest that you contribute in open source, after you have a better understanding of how things work you can apply for internships online.

You can learn a lot from live projects, but make sure you choose wisely. The people you work with in early stages will have a great impact on how much you grow to love your field and that you are not bound to doing sheep work.

There are many GDEs who have been making videos and writing blogs to help the new members in the community so I would suggest you watch those to increase your knowledge. Also, if at any point you are stuck with a problem or just have general questions, feel free to drop a question here, we wil be more than happy to help :slight_smile:

Welcome to the Flutter Community, have a great time! Cheers. :blue_heart:


thnx sakina,i have options to start of studies,i start per course dart or flutter?


I think you can start with a Flutter course directly.