How to work with firebase backend?

I am new to flutter and I’m trying to work on a money manager app. I want to use firebase for my backend. I have figured out how to sign in using google account but I’m still not sure how can I use the database.

For example, each time I want to add a transaction that the user logged in has made, I would like to send the uid, amount and date to the database. I want to know if anyone has done something similar to this because I’m very confused about how to send and then get the data back and being able to show the net balance.

If there are any tutorials or any reference I could use, please guide me to them. I can’t find anything:(

Thanks a lot!!

Hello and welcome!
I’m really surprised you cannot find anything related to Flutter + Firebase.
A Google search for “Flutter + Firebase” returns about 1,620,000 results!
After a rapid check I’d suggest

… there are many other tutorial about using a Cloud Firestore database.


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I used this reference -

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Glad to know! I hope it was useful, there are so many of them …

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Yes! Thanks a lot!!
I am new to this and got a little overwhelmed with everything basically :slight_smile:

:slightly_smiling_face: I understand, I’m quite new to Flutter and Dart too, but have experience with backend development, in order of time asp, php, ruby, elixir; also have been doing cross-platform mobile dev in javascript for some years. Still I feel a newcomer when dealing with Dart syntax, especially when it involves async and isolates with futures and streams. But I’m really enjoying the feeling of being a beginner again. When you find yourself doing the same stuff with the usual spells every day it could become boring! So welcome your mistakes, have fun learning and tackle one problem at the time, better in isolation if it is something completely new.

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Oh wow that’s pretty cool. I am a first year engineering student, so I am basically new to everything. I have tried ML, web dev and now flutter, and I must say I am really enjoying flutter.

Oh, nice, so you’ll have the chance to actually study algorithms and data structures, and build some solid theoretic background! I learned and am still self-learning by throwing myself in deep waters. My academic history is molecular biology, and programming is a passion I developed as a child with a Sinclair ZX81, with a 3.5 MHz Z80 processor, 1K RAM, and its BASIC interpreter. Each time I start with a new language/framework I like it’s like going back to 1981!