How to send text message to specific whatsapp number using flutter code

I want to send text message to specific whatsapp number with predefine text using flutter code.

@kamal_bunkar Hey Kamal, there are multiple ways to achieve this:

  • Use whatsapp_unilink, this will open whatsapp chat to specific number with the prefilled message, but user will have to press the send button to actually send the message as WhatsApp’s user privacy terms don’t allow to send a message without consent.

  • You can also try flutter_open_whatsapp but it’s not maintained and has many open issues. As per documentation, this directly sends the message. I doubt how long will this plugin work, and it will surely not work for iOS. This is not recommended.

  • Do Whatsapp Business API setup. This is a lengthy process and expensive too. You should only do this if this is a major part of your application.

Hope this helps.

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