How to pass all List<String> native methods to a List<Random>?

  1. Summary of my problem

I’m new in Flutter(Dart) and I came across this problem. All lists of the type String naturally have the string methods like item.length, item.contains and so on. But when you create a random List type, it gets none of that.

Error message: ‘length’
method not found
Receiver: Instance of ‘Recipe’
Arguments: []

  1. What have I tried so far -

I have tried implementing all the string methods to that Random class one by one, but it just seems wrong. I should be able to have those methods easier

  1. Here’s the minimum code you would need to reproduce the problem -
      dummySearchList.forEach((item) {

        void findPersonUsingLoop(item ,
            String query) {
          for (var i = 0; i < item.length; i++) {
            if (item[i].title == query) {
              print('Using loop: ${item[i]}');

              // Found the person, stop the loop

        findPersonUsingLoop(item,query); ```