How to implement a global audio controller?

Hi, good morning/afternoon or evening to everyone. I’m putting on my app a song who plays when I start the app in loop mode(Inside the initState method). But I found some problems:

  1. When I tap on a button the song stops(because I put a sound when taps the button and I don’t know how to solve this yet, problaby it is possible to “overplay” the tap sound with the music);
  2. Inside my app I have some podcasts and I want to when I play the podcast the background song pause and when I stop the podcast it will resume the background song again;

That’s why I want a global controller, it will play and pause the background song in any page of my app. The background music that I set only can be controlled in the home page and as you will see there’s a lot of them. I will put the images to make it easier(I will leave a link, because the forum didn’t me allow to place the images):


The order is from top to bottom, exactly like that. The first one(at the top is where I set the background music) when I tap any button there the music stops(the reason you know), the podcasts are inside the first button(the blue one) “Conhecendo o manguezal”. When I tap it will go to the second page(on the middle) and when I tap again(that sphere for example, the very first “O que é o Mangue?” ) will redirect to the third one(at the bottom) and there are the podcasts. If you need the code please let me know, I just won’t put the code here because I don’t know what part to put. Thanks in advance.