How do I make a forum on the app with flutter? and aws

I want to create a forum, but there is no information anywhere on Google and YouTube.

And I want to connect to the server using aws, but there is no information related to the flutter and aws. Is there a place where I can get this information?

The internet and YouTube only tell me the connection with Firebase. But Firebase is too expensive…

Hi, a forum is a bit like a chat app. And there are tons of examples of chat apps in flutter. Maybe you can start there :wink:

In terms of AWS it looks like there is fewer info than with Firebase, but a quick search showed a couple of results. Don’t know if they are good as I haven’t seen them: For Example

There is more information of Amplify, I don’t know if that is what you are interested in. If that is the case you should really think about what you need to do, as in many cases Firebase is cheaper. There is a great video about this by Jeff Delaney - Firebase vs Amplify

It is true that Firebase doesn’t have a “Stop” button, but from where do you take the idea is expensive? I think it is one of the cheapest and best solutions out there. More even if you take into account all the time you would be paying for a server while developing and getting the first thousands of users. In Firebase that all would be free.

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Good information and I agree with you. forums are really like the ba chat app. And I did not. know much about the forum, before. but good knowledge increases after you came to the post. thanks for posting. And we can get a lot of such information from the flutter app development.