How do I integrate a custom indoors map in my flutter app?

I’m working on an Indoor localization app, so I need to display the location of the device on an indoor map (which I have as an image). I also have the location coordinates of the device with respect to that map which I have. Additionally, I need to display certain states on some locations on the map like “occupied”/“unoccupied”. But I have no clue how do I actually implement any of this.

Summarizing, I have a custom map image with me, I also have the location of the client with me. My goal is to display this location on the map, along with certain states like “free/empty” on some places on that map. How do I do this?

I’m a beginner, that’s why I have absolutely no idea of how can this be implemented in flutter app.

For reference, I’m trying to achieve something like the app shown in this video: