How do I create REST API in flutter dart language using? Is possible to do it?

I want to create a Get Rest API in the Flutter app. But I’m not sure if it can be done with darts?

Hello and welcome, if you search flutter rest api you’ll find lot of resources. Here is one:

Please do some research on your own before asking a question that can be answered with a simple Google query. :wink:


No, I want to create a REST API, this example shows how to Fetch data in REST API. this not what I want to do. Java, python can create rest API likewise also possibly do it in Dart? for Ex:

@main.route(’/api/v1/test’, methods=[‘GET’])
def test():
do something here
return something here

this is what I want to do?

I see. Dart can be used to develop http server, but I’m confused by your intention to do it in a Flutter app. Anyway you can find many resources for that too, like:

and there are frameworks too, to help building back-end applications:



Thank you so much. I will try? :blush: