Hot Reload Issues 2 Editors

flutter --version
Flutter 1.22.6 ΓÇó channel stable ΓÇó
Framework ΓÇó revision 9b2d32b605 (4 weeks ago) ΓÇó 2021-01-22 14:36:39 -0800
Engine ΓÇó revision 2f0af37152
Tools ΓÇó Dart 2.10.5

Hi guys I recently installed the new flutter Version above.
Things seemed to work fine using android studio 3 and then upgraded to 4.1.2.

When I did that AS was broken in places that I couldnt fix so I tried to uninstall and reinstall same broken problems like right clicking the app folder in my project and going to NEW something like folder and all the rest of the choices in the list said PROJECT NOT READY minsdk=16

I tried to completely uninstall AS by uninstalling and then deleteing folder from an article I read including the .gradle directory,

I could no longer use hot reload just restart would work.

I then upgraded to 4.2 beta and the Project not ready and other issues seem to be resolved

Now here is the weird part
brings up the default flutter demo project.

If I make small changes to that project Hot Reload works as expected. If I delete everything in that project and start from scratch it no longer works. I then ran flutter from a previous project from the project directory in a command prompt and Tried using vs Code and the funny thing is the same is true there as well Hot Reload doesnt work but restart does. So is it a flutter sdk problem or what the heck is going on here.

Your input is appreciated

I am running win7