Google maps with markers based on cloud firestore entries via places api

Hi there
I have built a app with google maps integration and connection to cloud firestore. At least I would like to use the geopoint entries in cloud firebase and google places for searching and updating the map. I have two questions:

  1. Do you know if a billing account in Google Developer console is mandatory to use places API at all?
  2. Could do you recommend tutorials for playing around with places API?
    Thank you all in advance!

What about asking Google?

Though they have a special offer to start using it:
Schermata 2020-05-13 alle 18.15.50

I tried adding Map Places API to a test project and it wanted me to enable a billed account, which I didn’t, and it just stepped back to the landing page, so it looks like it is mandatory.

I have have joined the forum to get the latest information or asking for latest information. The most of googles results are months or years ago. Flutter is a fast-living platform, so I am trying definitely this way!

Has someone experience with a text-base search (I guess Places API is mandatory) but only with your own database entries? I am looking for some code snippets. Thanks again.