Getter not found? Why doesn't this work?

Hi there,
I’m just trying to learn Dart as a beginner and if I put print statements in their own function…they don’t work…with an error: ‘Getter not found’

If I put the print statements within the main function…it does work…but trying to go up to the story function causes the issue…

Is this because the variables can only be read within the same function or something else? Does it need to be a global variable or something?

Thanks for any clues!

import “dart:io”;

void story() {
print(“Be kind to your ${noun1}”);
print(‘footed $nounPlural’);
print(‘For a duck may be somebodys $noun2’);
print (‘Be kind to your $nounPlural’);
print(‘in $place’);
print(“Where the weather is always…$adj1”);
print(“You may think that this is a $lastNoun”);

void main() {
print(‘Welcome to the Mad Libs game’);
print('What is your first noun? ');
String noun1 = stdin.readLineSync();

print('What is your plural noun? ');
String nounPlural = stdin.readLineSync();

print('What is your second noun? ');
String noun2 = stdin.readLineSync();

print('What is your place? ');
String place = (stdin.readLineSync());

print('What is your first Adjective? ');
String adj1 = (stdin.readLineSync());

print('What is your last noun? ');
String lastNoun = (stdin.readLineSync());