Game Spinning Wheel With Widgets

Hi all, I’m new to flutter and pretty novice in programming in general.
I want to build a game that requires a game spinner. I have looked at available packages and maybe missed one but haven’t seen exactly what I am looking for. I need my spinning wheel to be able to populate itself from a growing or shrinking array of variables and as such a round circle is not ideal for me as I would like to maintain the same amount of space or piece of the pie so to speak on the wheel for each Item displayed. My hopes are to design a wheel that you could spin with a swipe that would function similar to how you would expect the picture of the wheel I uploaded to function. I would like this kind of wheels because no matter how many items I add or take away the wheel can always look the same all the time and not take up any more or less screen space… Can someone please direct me toward the best widgets to maybe accomplish this look . Thanks in advance. maxresdefault|690x388