Flutter Tutorial | The Complete Beginner’s Guide

Flutter Tutorial | The Complete Beginner’s Guide

Imagine a toolkit for crafting beautiful, effective, natively compiled and fast cross-platform mobile applications in an easy way. And that’s Flutter. Flutter allows you to create applications in one language (Dart) and generate them for Android and iOS environments. These applications are very fast compared to other frameworks and, from a visual point of view, incredibly nice. It is really a framework for creating stylish designed applications, because it contains a set of components that are directly available and allow simple yet extremely effective use. Flutter, as well as Dart, are directly covered by GOOGLE. Flutter also allows creating web and desktop applications.

In May 2020, an online tutorial guide for beginners in Flutter was published, which contains video instructions, detailed descriptions and complete source codes for individual tutorials.
The tutorial contains 12 chapters that try to guide the programmer through the basic pitfalls of the Flutter platform.

  1. The first application - Simple WebView, focuses on creating a WebView of any web page available on the Internet and then embedding in the Flutter application.
  2. The second chapter focuses on the WebView Controller, which is used to control the WebView embedded in the application.
  3. The third chapter connects the use of the Flutter framework with the Javascript of the page loaded in WebView.
  4. The fourth chapter discusses the instructions on how to create a side menu of mobile applications - Drawer.
  5. The fifth chapter is focused on creating the Sliver App Bar application.
  6. The sixth chapter follows the creation of the Sliver App Bar and adds the functionality of the Sliver List to the application.
  7. The seventh chapter focuses on adding the bottom navigation bar as well as PageView functionality to the application.
  8. In the eighth chapter, the bottom navigation bar is replaced by the top navigation bar (Tab Bar)
  9. Chapter 9 explains how to create an Image Gallery using GridView as well as SliverGrid Flutter components.
  10. The tenth chapter builds on the created gallery and adds a detailed view to the individual images of the gallery using the Image Carousel and Carousel Slider components.
  11. In the eleventh chapter, the Hero Animation and the transition between the individual screens of the application are explained.
  12. And in the final twelfth chapter, video playback is added to the Hero Animation functionality.

A detailed description of the tutorials and video instructions can be found at https://himdeve.com/flutter-tutorials

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