Flutter IPFS issues

Please is it possible to implement an IPFS mobile app with Flutter. Thanks

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Please be more descriptive while asking a question. The more data you share in a systematic manner, the easier it would be for people to answer your question. Cheers.

Thank you for the advise
I’m tring to build a mobile app using IFPS protocol so that customer can share file Between them. I could’n find a plugin who can help me.

e.g: dart_ipfs_client but it’s not working

  • is it possible to do it using Flutter?
  • is there any Flutter plugin who can help me?


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  • Yes it’s possible, I use infura as ipfs RPC
  • No, just use the http client package, I prefer use dio package.

This is my sample code:

Future<IpfsUploadModel> uploadImage({
    required File image,
  }) async {
    try {
      final Response response = await dio.post(UrlsConfig.infuraIPFS + 'add?',
          data: FormData.fromMap({
            'file': await MultipartFile.fromFile(
              filename: image.path.split('/').last,
          queryParameters: {
            'pin': false,
            'cid-version': 1,
          options: Options(
            headers: {
              'Authorization': 'Basic ${KeysConfig.infuraIPFSPrivateKey}',
          ), onSendProgress: (received, total) {
        if (total != -1) {
              'Upload Image to IPFS ${(received / total * 100).toStringAsFixed(0)}%');

      print("========== SUCCESS UPLOAD IMAGE =========");

      return IpfsUploadModel.fromJson(response.data);
    } on DioError catch (error) {
      throw error;