Flutter Girls is here!

FlutterGirls is here!

This is our exciting new venture to build a strong community of women who are as passionate about Flutter as us. This is the first step towards building a society which gives the necessary tools to kickstart your journey in Flutter.
By the end of the day, our attendees will be confident to build a complete End-to-End Application in Flutter. We will also give a basic layout of FlutterWeb.
Stay tuned for more details about the topic that will be covered.

Please register for the event
Meetup Link
Note: Males can also attend this event, provided they are accompanied by a female companion!

You are required to come with your laptops preinstalled with flutter. For more info on installation check this link. Please note flutter installation might take some time and doing this at the workshop day would be practically impossible.

Please reach out to the team on Gitter if you need any help with installations!


Hi, flutter apps are down… after the update are you guys trying to do something

@Mine Hi, We are actually not a part of the core Flutter team. However, I have not faced any crashes in my Flutter Apps. Please post the error logs that you are getting.

Also, always try to stay on the stable channel.