Flutter Driver select date from date picker

I would like to select a date through date picker as part of a flutter driver test. however, I can’t seem to figure out exactly how I would do this?

I’ve tried using a find.text and find.bySemanticsLabel , but have had no luck thus far.

test code

Future<void> executeStep() async {
  await FlutterDriverUtils.waitForFlutter(world.driver);
  NewOrderForm newOrderForm = NewOrderForm(world.driver);
  await newOrderForm.setFieldKontrak();
  //Open Date Picker
  await newOrderForm.setDateKontrak();
  //Select date 24
  await driver.waitFor(find.bySemanticsLabel('24'));
  await driver.tap(find.text('24'),timeout: Duration(seconds: 15));
  await driver.waitFor(find.text('OK'));
  await driver.tap(find.text('OK'));
  await newOrderForm.setProyekField();