Flutter + bluetooth hc 06

  1. Summary of my problem
  • Details about my goal: I want to control the motor using arduino.
  • Actual Results:
    I use flutter_bluetooth_serial package. Ш can send and receive data, but arduino receives them with a delay of more than a second.
  1. What have I tried so far -
    i used example from library and changed the button action to:
                  icon: Icon(Icons.forward),
                 onPressed: isConnected ? () => _sendMessage("140") : null)

Please help to get rid of the big delay.

Heyy! @Korpyc I checked the Github repo for this package, looks like many issues are open and not responded to. The transfer speed is very slow as I understood from this question: https://github.com/edufolly/flutter_bluetooth_serial/issues/102

Perhaps you can try opening an issue on theor Github.